Outsource Bottling
Outsource Bottling
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Outsource Bottling
Outsource Bottling is carried out in a 40,000 Sq. Ft facility in Dumbarton, which was opened in May 2008 to cater for growing demand and planned future expansion.

The bottling plant produced over 150,000 cases in its first 8 months of operation with a capacity to deliver up to 400,000 cases per annum, on a single shift operation. This improved facility provides us with the scope for our planned expansion in the coming years.

Careful research amongst whisky producers has identified a growing requirement for small batch, flexible bottling production, for both large and small customers. In accordance with market requirements, the bottle sizes we specialise in range from miniatures up to 1 gallon, with all types of closures and capsules being accommodated.
To further extend the wide range of products we are capable of bottling, a self-adhesive labeller has been commissioned, thus providing greater flexibility, speed and capacity in our bottling halls.

Success in the bottling market is dependent upon providing high levels of service and flexibility to a highly demanding customer base. The majority of our customers run small businesses, many of which do not have their own bottling facilities. However, many of our customers are large businesses, for whom the complexities of small batch product runs do not fit their in house fulfilment profile. These companies depend upon the services of experienced contractors, such as Houston Bottling and Co-Pack, who have a proven track record in this field.

The bottling plant is run by a highly experienced team, focused on providing a first class service to customers throughout the fulfilment process from bulk spirit receipt to finished goods despatch.

The plant is fully compliant with HMRC requirements for a duty suspended warehouse.